Inexpensive Ways To Decorate With Balloons

Throwing the party of the year doesn't mean going broke. There are many ways that you can cut corners and save money, without your guests ever knowing. The following are some decoration ideas that up the feelings of festivity for very little cost.

Idea #1: The Balloon Promenade

A simple promenade of balloons can serve several purposes, depending on the reason for the party. For example, you can line the aisle for an outdoor wedding with balloons, or you can use balloons to define the path from curb to door for the party guests at a children's event. To create the promenade, simply tie the strings of helium-filled balloons to golf tees and push the tees into the ground.

Idea #2: No-Helium Balloons

Due to ongoing concerns about the availability of helium, you may want to consider alternatives. Cost can also be a factor in this decision. You can get the look of floating balloons without the gas by simply blowing up the balloons and tying a string to them as you would with normal helium-filled balloons. Then, to create the floating effect, tape a piece of fishing line to the top of the balloon and then tape the line to the ceiling. Another option is to simply tape the top of the balloon to the ceiling with double-sided tape. To create a total balloon room, you can use the tape to also attach balloons to the wall.

Idea #3: Simple Centerpieces

Balloons can be a much less expensive centerpiece than flowers. Whether helium-filled or attached to sticks, an arrangement in the center of the table can be quite festive. You can even get creative and twist the balloons into interesting shapes. For example, attaching the knot-ends of five balloons of the same color together, and then inserting a different-colored balloon into the center, creates a flower. Another idea is to place a colored glow stick into each balloon so you have a light-up centerpiece.

Idea #4: Gorgeous Garlands

Colorful balloons also work well as garlands, no helium required. Simply attach the balloons together by threading a needle and string through the tie on each balloon. You can then hang the garland just as you would paper streamers along the ceiling of the room. For a more decorative garland, use balloons twisted into fun shapes, such as animals or flowers. You can even use paper to further decorate the garland. For example, make cones out of brown construction paper and attach a cone to the bottom of each balloon to make an ice cream cone garland. Contact a company like Life O' The Party for more information.