Keeping Cool: 4 Stress-Reducing Tips For Conference Planners

Conference planning can be a very high-stress yet very rewarding career choice. There are always emails to respond to, meetings to coordinate, and details to handle when planning such major events. For those who do this for a living, it can often be difficult to achieve a balance between work and life. In most jobs, it can be easy to clock out at the same time each day with nothing more to think about until the next day. For an event planner, however, it can often seem like it is difficult to let work go when there are so many details up in the air. Having a good work-life balance is important for any professional, including those who work in conference planning. The following are some tips to make that happen:

Take Time Alone In The Morning

For those who are conference planning professionals, it can be very tempting to jump out of bed and check emails before ever getting ready for the day. Try to avoid this if at all possible. Instead, take some time to ease into the day. Have a quiet cup of coffee or tea, browse through the newspaper, or sit outside on the patio. These few intentional moments can set the tone for the rest of the day.

Plan Three Major Tasks Each Day

At the beginning of each morning, sit down and plan out the three most important tasks of the day. Three is a good, achievable number that will prevent any feelings of disappointment or discouragement. It can be tempting to have a really long list that included everything that needs to be handled. However, keeping the task list to three a day sets up a successful, manageable day. When planning these tasks, aim to achieve them in the morning if at all possible. This is often the most productive time of day and leaves the afternoon for less pending tasks.

Take Frequent Breaks During The Day

During the frenzied days leading up to an event, tasks can become very stressful. While it is tempting to plow through the day taking care of detail after detail, take a few moments during the day to take a short break. If it is difficult to remember to take a break, set a timer as a reminder to stop and have a glass of water or a snack to recharge. This will result in a more productive, balanced day.

Delegate When Necessary

Those who work in event and conference planning often feel as if they are responsible for every single detail. There is something to be said for delegation, no matter how difficult it may be at first. Work with a confident team of people that can be trusted to take care of different items on the to-do list with care and precision. Let them know what is expected of them and allow them to take the reigns. This will alleviate stress and provide time to work on other aspects of the event.

Maintaining work-life balance is all about caring for oneself, and event and conference planning professionals can sometimes find it difficult to do. By implementing some of these ideas, it can result in a better event and a happier life. For more tips, talk to a fellow professionals like