5 Gifts For Your Friends In Your Mom's Group

Whether you are a new mom or parenting is old hat, you need your mom's group to survive. It may be a formal group organized by your church or just a bunch of fellow moms from your neighborhood. Every mom needs support from other women going through the same mom stuff: sleepless nights, breastfeeding, changing bodies, teething, potty training. Sometimes you want to buy a gift to show those other moms how much their love and support means to you. 

1. Free Babysitting: This could actually be the only thing on this list. Every mom loves the offer of free babysitting, especially when it wasn't expected. Call up your friend and tell them to drop the kids off and to enjoy an afternoon of kid-free activities. While this may seem obvious, most of us forget to offer this simple gift of our time. Plus, the ability to wander around Target solo is enough to re-charge any mom's batteries. 

2. Starbucks: Whether they prefer coffee or tea, every mom loves Starbucks. To be clear, when Starbucks added drive-thru locations it was the best business move ever. Being able to drive right on up and order your favorite Starbucks drink without having to deal with the hassle of unloading kids from car seats and wrangling them in the store is one of life's true joys. Share this joy with your fellow moms.

3. Wine Glasses: Don't buy the fancy wine glasses. Grab a pair of drunk wine glasses (from an outlet such as Two Drunk Ladies) that tip when you set them down on the counter or a pair with funny sayings on them that make you smile. Have a good laugh with your friend and crack open that bottle of wine. You did bring the wine, didn't you? Moms need wine - lots and lots of wine.

4. Dinner: You could get your friend a gift card to go out to dinner but, let's face it, going out to dinner with kids is more trouble than it is worth. In fact, it can be downright stressful. A real night off is when a friend drops off a pre-cooked dinner with all the fixings. Sure, people drop off food when you get home from the hospital with your little bundle of joy, but no one remembers when that bundle is almost three and driving you crazy with never-ending re-runs of Caillou.

5. Stilettos: Who are we kidding? No new mom wants a pair of stilettos. After shuffling around all night with a crying baby in yoga pants, stilettos are just a distant memory of a former life. Plus, no one ever tells the pre-baby you that your feet will swell and never return to their formerly svelte, stiletto-wearing selves. Show how much you appreciate your friend. Don't taunt them with things they will not be able to walk in again. Stick with wine -- see above.